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Ngala Food Program

Salient is currently undergoing a 72hour Food Program at Ngala ...


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Salient WASH Programs in Northern Nigeria


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SALIENT intends to empower IDPs through skill acquisition programmes for self reliance and also improved their health status in partnership with the relevant health authorities. We would provide IDPs with machineries and loans to setup businesses.


It is our goal to provide adequate water and sanitation services to emergency-affected children and their families.


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Education in Emergency

Conflicts, natural disasters and pandemics keep millions of children out of school and the numbers are rising. In crisis-affected countries, school-age children are more than twice as likely to be out of school... Details

Food Security

Over the coming decades, a changing climate, growing global population, rising food prices, and environmental stressors will have significant yet highly uncertain impacts on ... Details


Wash Along with food and shelter, safe water and sanitation are the highest priority interventions in emergency situations. Details


livelihood is sustainable when it enables people to cope with and recover from shocks and stresses (such as natural disasters and economic or social upheavals) and enhance their well-being and ... Details